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Miscellaneous Resources

Here is a list of some other miscellaneous resources at the Graduate Center:


Meeting Owl: 

A 360-degree conference meeting webcam – the Owl Labs Meeting Owl 3 Smart Video Conference Camera – is available from the lounge cabinet. Contact a co-chair for access.

Prayer & Meditation Space:

Room 9201 is available for prayer and meditation. DGSC leadership brought student requests for such a space to the attention of administrators in 2012 and 2015, including the Office of Student Affairs and the President. Administrators are in agreement that this is an important need for GC students, but with many space issues during this time of 9th-floor build-out and library reorganizing plans, this may not be a permanent solution. We will continue to work with the administration to make sure that a space is available to students in the long-term.

Free safer-sex supplies, including condoms:

Available in the Wellness Center (6422), the Doctoral Students’ Council Lounge (5495) and in bowls in a variety of program lounges. If the lounge bowls seem empty, please email so we can contact your program’s point person. Does your program not have a Safer Sex bowl? Email if you want to sign up for one and be the point person/restocker. Your fellow students will be grateful!

Discount Movie Tickets

Students can sign up at to get access to discount movie tickets, as well as other services.